and work challenges

To optimize the visibility of the electronics industry, an essntial step in a rolling sea of tech changes and digitalization of multiple industries.

Continually deserve the loyalty of our members by offering services built on the latest technologies at advantageous price.


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Elinext offers industrial data management services and big data analysis solutions for companies going through digital transformation.


Mission Et Services

La nouvelle mission de l'AMEQ est de favoriser le développement et la croissance des entreprises en électronique de la région de Québec ainsi que représenter et défendre les intérêts de ses membres auprès des différentes instances gouvernementales.


AMEQ Mission and Services

A quick glimpse into the history of the organization

Industry Sustainability

Guarantee the sustainability of the electronics industry in the Québec region by insuring its visibility and representativeness, while being active on matters that are of concern to our members.

Members Loyalty

Continually deserve the loyalty of our members by offering them relevant services at advantageous price.

Regular Activities

Favour networking and synergy between our members by holding regular activities.

Training Promotion

To promote training at the high-school (Quebec secondary), collegiate (CEGEP) and university levels in order meet the future needs of companies regarding their workforce requirements.

Knowledge Improvement

TO offer continuous-improvement training activities and programs covering the technical aspects as well as management skills.

Existing Members

To develop loyalty with our existing members, and increase the number of new members to insure and maintain the quality of our association’s services visibility.

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